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Peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading

Register your account, start accepting payments, and earn money.

Bank Transfers

Buy Bitcoin by transferring money from your bank account to a Bitcoin vendor on Coinbay Exchange.

Online Wallets

Don’t want to leave the house? You can use a number of popular payment apps.

Gift Cards

Have a gift card you don't need? Trade it here for Bitcoin instantly.

Cash Payment

Buy Bitcoin and pay cash. It's that simple. No bank account needed.

Debit/Credit Cards

Use your debit or credit card to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbay Exchange.

Blockchain Escrow

Escrow accounts are secured by the blockchain of their respective crypto.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Trade bitcoins person-to-person in an easy, fast, and secure way.

Start trading in 30 seconds!

No identity verification, no waiting times, all you need is an email address to get started

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Browse, search and filter offers

You can post your own offer to trade, or reply to someone else’s offer. Offers can be filtered by location, payment method, cryptocurrency, and more.

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Trade with escrow protection

During the trade the cryptocurrency is locked into a secure escrow system until the seller has received the payment directly from the buyer. If there’s any problems, our staff are on the scene quickly to assist.

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Exchange directly with no middleman

The buyer pays the seller directly, without Coinbay Exchange or any other third parties involved. Once the payment is confirmed, the cryptocurrency is released from escrow to the buyer. Then both traders leave feedback on how the trade went.

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Peer-to-peer trading has never been easier

Coinbay Exchange provides the platform where people buy and sell crypto on their own terms, using any payment method!

Sell To

Get Pay With

Rate per Bitcoin




United States
$0.1K to 0.5K

$46,946.75 USD

6% above market


Bank transfer


United States
$1K to 50K

$45,947.88 USD

8% above market


Bank transfer


United States
$0.5K to 20K

$44,949.02 USD

10% above market

International wire

Cashout Bitcoins Fast

United States
New York City
$0.5K to 30K

$47,945.62 USD

4% above market




United States
New York City
$0.3K to 20K

$46,946.75 USD

6% above market

Buy From

Get Pay With

Rate per Bitcoin

Western Union

Trader honest

United States
New York City
$0.15K to 2K

$59,110.59 USD

16% above market


Bank transfer

Zelle Transfer | Fast Release

United States
San Francisco
$0.3K to 2.5K

$60,704.18 USD

19.2% above market

Bank transfer


United States
Palm Bay
$0.5K to 2.5K

$53,052.39 USD

4.1% above market


Bank transfer

Zelle || Bofa || Wells fargo

United States
$0.1K to 3K

$56,562.72 USD

11% above market


Bank transfer

zelle only

United States
$0.05K to 0.5K

$57,133.35 USD

12.2% above market

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coinbay Exchange?

Coinbay Exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace. People from all walks of life place ads on Coinbay Exchange to buy and sell crypto.

When two people agree on a sale, the buyer pays the fiat half directly to the seller—which is why Coinbay Exchange is so fast.

Why is this way better?

You've read the news. Exchanges have lost the password to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin. They have accidentally deleted at least $15 million worth of ETH. They collect troves of sensitive passport scans only for them to end up on the dark web and sold to identity thieves.

Centralized exchanges lost more than $4 billion of your money in 2019. And that doesn't include the crimes swept under the rug.

Crypto has earned itself a poor reputation, but it's not because of the technology. It's because Wall Street bankers have crept into the space and created a mess.

When you trade on a non-custodial crypto marketplace, you are in control—not custodians, not bankers.

What if the other person doesn't pay?

A decentralized escrow account holds the crypto side of the trade. This provides a guarantee of funds to the buyer, and an abort path for the seller.

The buyer of crypto should never send money before the crypto is in escrow. Likewise, the seller should only release the escrow after they see money in their account.

If payment never arrives, either party can raise a payment dispute. This allows an arbitrator to decrypt messages, verify evidence, and get the crypto to its rightful owner.

How does the escrow work?

Coinbay Exchange is the first and largest platform to offer a decentralized, non-custodial escrow system.

The technical details of the escrow depends on the crypto chosen. Ethereum escrows use a smart contract, and Bitcoin escrows use a P2WSH transaction.

All blockchains are unique. Whenever we add a new crypto, our engineering team develops a new escrow script to fit the protocol.

A non-custodial escrow system makes it impossible for Coinbay Exchange to steal from escrow accounts. By the same token, the platform's non-custodial nature makes it immune from common hacks and thefts.

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